What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Beer?


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It cleanses the kidneys.  It has some good things in it, just as long as you don't drink a case a day, then you are doing more harm.
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A pot gut and two blown out kidneys...maybe some bladder issues...quantity, of course, is important!
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Well beer is a health food, the alcohol is good for your heart.  I belong to a pistol club. We drink beer till 12 then piss till 2.
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Dee is right....BUT it didn't help me (had kidney failure from the dye in angiogram).
That happens 1/1000, and I won?   Got transplant 5yrs ago, still drinking beer to keep
it cleaned out [lol] I could probably do 1/2 case a day, but don't.
YARN, you kidder you.
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It acts as a tranquilizer and can enhance a person's social ability.
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Gene wright
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YARN, as said above, you kidder you.
But, by golly, it works. It also gives people big tummies
so the world knows they drink beer.
Keith Old
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True yarn
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Beer is good for you in low doses (the Iron etc).

In the long run if you want to die, drink a LOT of beer.
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It can help you become an alcoholic, much sooner than those who do not consume it.

It can help you have a traffic accident sooner than those who do not drink it, and maybe someone will die, who would not have died, had it not been imbibed.
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You guys are all wrong. Beer has NO benefits at all. It has alcohol in it.  Not only it ain't good, it also gives ya a beer belly too.   Good thing I don't like beer nor do I drink wine.  Even 1 is too much.  Once you touch it, you are hooked.  A good buddy of mine has recently sworn OFF ALL alcohol period. That includes beer. He's much better for it & he even lost 10 lbs !!
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True. But beer can be used for good if you have it in a low dose. The alcohol is bad but you get good amounts of Iron if you have it in a low dose.
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Drinking beer helps us to gain weight, increase stamina, fight against heart diseases as well as gives mental piece to the people.

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