What Is The Disadvantages Of Drinking Alcoholic?


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I live with a woman who has a issue with that it can ruin lots of things emotions run wrong abuse to the body is horrible they do thing to you and can't remember its a bad scene don't cause your self complications in your life or the ones that love you life has too many too begin with
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Alcohol detroys the liver which is the largest organ in the body and does a lot as far as destroying other toxins in the body and if it is destroyed by alcohol you are left at a disadvantage for all kinds of other illnesses,I have a friend whose father was such a person, he got sick went to the hospital they could not even find a liver,when there is spitting of blood, blood in stool,nose bleeds,blood in urine and you see small clots that is pieces of your liver exiting the body until death occurs the best to you
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Thinking skills decrease.
Motor skills decrease.
Mental control decrease.
Inhibitions decrease.
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It's hard to maintain relationships if you are an alcoholic. It's also hard to save money.
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Wow what an answer...... Poor fellas
guys you need to improve your knowledge first and answer only if you can elaborate things properly.. And some good figures of speech as well
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Alcohol destroys your liver and it affects other organs as well. You can look up the effects of alcohol on the human body online by using a search engine like google.com

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