Is It Bad To Eat 900 Calories Per Day?


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I don't think 900 calories a day is enuff 4 any healthy person to take in every day....unless your possibly bedridden.
You should B active enuff to burn most of what you eat off, every day. If your starving your will suffer in the long run, n' can damage your organs. You don't want to do that to yourself.

Doctors recommend a minimum of 1200 to1500 calories a day 4 a normal, active person. If they're on a diet... They recommend getting more exercise to make up for any excess consumption. NOT less food !!

Our bodies need calories every day to function properly. Cutting out too much is not good. Just change the types of food your eating to be healthier, NOT
cut it out.
Choose food that's higher in proteins & lower in carbohydrates to control weight.
Avoid not only the more commonly known sugars.... Such as candy, cakes n' cookies. But also milk, alcohol & soda.

Never overdo any diet advice.
If your not could B heading towards being Anorexic/Bulimic.
These R VERY dangerous diseases n' you don't want to go there.

Don't make yourself so thin, that you have no meat on your bones.   Most guys don't like bony girls, anyway. Did you know that ?
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LoL, I never ask. So I just eat. And I'm still alive. HaHaHa. I love food. Calories is just another excuse for people to not enjoy food.
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You may feel fine but your body and it's organs may be suffering.   Or you may have forgotten what fine feels like.   When you go into a strict, strict diet your body attempts to adjust to what it perceives to be starvation and it happens so gradually that you do not realize that some things may not be functioning as well as they should.   For instance: Your kidneys may be gradually shutting down or your triglycerides may be messed up or your muscle mass may be shrinking etc., etc .   A visit to your physician to evaluate your current health and your current body weight vs. Your ideal body weight is in order.   Better safe than sorry, my friend.   People have literally starved themselves to death seeking what they believe to be a slender good looking body.   I know, I was almost one of them.
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Jackyll makes an excellent point, I probably consume four times that amount daily. But I workout everyday without exception for   long stretch' I need a lot of calories to sustain my energy...friends are jealous because I can eat a huge steak with all the extras, while they are stuck with salads LOL! It's a trade off metabolism is off the charts, so I can basically eat whatever I want. Junk food though is out of the question...I need specific foods for a specific type of workout...I lift a lot of weights, so I need certain types of foods, carbs and proteins. I still like to indulge in some ice cream though...if your full with what you eat that's fine, as long as your healthy and you don't notice a drop in your energy or if you feel dull-minded. Carefull though with the sugar...just look around and notice those people who suffer from too much consumption of sugars. I done preaching He He! In the end do what makes you happy. Later
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In Truth. That's Not Really Enough   But It Depends On Body Build .. How Healthy You Are ..And What   Types Of Foods You Eat. My Doc Says At Least 1200 Calories But Less Than 2500.. Not Much Sweets..   More   Fiber,, Veggies .. Proteins.   Drink 1 Percent Milk..   Get Your Vitamins   If You Weigh Like 120   It's Different Than If You Weigh 250..   Stay Away From   Beer ..   Like Empty Calories.. Like M&Ms.. Hagen Daz Ice Cream. Oreos   I Like Sweets   A Lot.. So I Buy   Frozen Yogurt And   Like Fat Free Or Sugar Free Puddings... And Those Hundred Calorie Packs Of Cookies And Snacks. I Buy Small Packs Of Baked Lays Chips. Or Sun Chips. I Drink Chilled Water That I Put Like" On The Go Packs" Of   Flavored Drinks Into My Water.
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It really depends on what your doctor recommends you. Really, you're supposed to have 2000 calories each day to maintain your current weight. You fill those with healthy foods; fruits and vegetables and bread. Healthy, whole-grain bread, not that cheap white bread that's full of bleach. (That's what they put in it to make it white!)
But if you're trying to lose weight (which I doubt you are at this age) that you might in later years your doctor could recommend lesser calories, but I'm no doctor so I don't know if they'd say 900 calories is enough.
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Everyone is fairly right, but really eating less than 1,000 calories a day can actually make you gain weight. I know, weird right? But when your body doesn't get enough it will start taking nutrients from you bones and things and it will take all the calories you've needed and you'll start to add the pounds. Plus, you should be active enough to burn them.
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I have no idea what a calorie looks like. I know about apples and pears and broccoli and beans, I love yoghurt and honey and snow peas and all sorts of other yummy foods. I suggest you start eating food instead of calories. You don't have to count food and you certainly don't have to eat 900 of any kind of food to have a well balanced diet. You just eat what you like till you're full. Is easy.
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There is no set amount of calories a person must consume. A lot has to do with your lifestyle and metabolism.   As a rule however, anything below 1000 calories is termed a "stavation diet." Eat a balanced diet and cut out the junk and foods that get most of their caloric value from fat and trans fat. As for you personally M just eat smaller portions and drink plenty of water to fill your stomach up before meals.
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I would actually ask a nutritionist. They will get a personal profile on your body weight, rate you burn calories get information like amount of excercise, what you eat & if you take any multi vitamins to supplement your low calorie diet. Its nice as well because you are not grouped together with others as you are completely individual in your bodys needs. Good luck.
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The best thing to do is have a talk with your doctor...
You may have a problem you don't know about.  
As for myself, I agree with several of the answers above.
900 isn't enough fuel to burn daily.   You even burn
calories when your asleep.   My (adopted) sister's bio-brother
is on a low-carb diet and he even he has about 1200
calories a day.   James has Prader-Willi ( a serious,
even life-threatening disorder) as well as being diabetic.
He has the type that can be controled by diet and excersize.
Since he's not much on daily excersize, we keep him on
pretty-much a salad diet.   Nonetheless, he still has 1200
calories (thereabouts).   Low carb, low-fat, low calorie,
low salt and nothing with caffiene in it.
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Oh no that's good
thanked the writer.
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Well if a 50 pound girl believes you, there's her starving death sentence. >:(
Not good advice!
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I would say that this is NOT enough for your age. Anyway, calories is NOT what I count. I try to eat protein and not carbs. It is easy enough to google nutrition and figure out.
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I'd say Midnite gave a good answer.   I'd try for at least 1200-1500 cals. To maintain your energy levels and for your body and brain to function properly.   But ask your doctor.
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Its not like evil and diabolical( I was never good at spelling).the average of calories a normal human coms-umes is about 1500 to 2500. Jacky has a point I like his idea I would use his helpful imformation.

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