How Do I Find Out What The Code Means On The Bottom Of A Budweiser Beer Can?


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This is not a bar code or UPC number, neither contains alphanumerics. I appears to be 2 separate codes. I think the first 4 digits (3463) are a code called a Julian date. There are 2 different way companies use them. They will either show the date the product was made OR the date the product should be enjoyed by.

Either way, in this case, I wouldn't drink it. The first three digits (346) is the day of the year of production, in this case approximately late November. The last digit (3) is the last digit in the year, in this case, it would be 2003.

The second grouping (c50161) could be an internal number referring back to the run of the batch, during which shift it was canned for quality control purposes, etc.

So, this can of beer was either canned in late November of 2003 OR it was to be enjoyed by late November of 2003. most canned beverages are shelf stable for about a year, give or take. I doubt it would taste good...Not that Bud ever does.
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Well you cannot find the meaning of the code which is on the bottom of the Budweiser Bear Can. These are the special codes which are made by the company of the Budweiser Can in order to maintain the product license and the numbering of the codes. There are many companies who use to mark these bar codes on the bottles and cans of their products in order to read the product license number and the price of the products through the scanners.

So the purpose of the putting codes on the bottles is due to the providing the ease to the stores and shops so that they can easily know about the products of the company and its price when any user is going to purchase that products. so there are some other reasons as well due to which the companies use to post their codes on their product due to the requirements of the law and compliance of the companies ordinance act. So every company has its own special code which has unique meaning so you can find the code behind the bar codes but you cannot find the meaning of that code easily.

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