How Long Can You Keep Budweiser?


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A can of Budweiser (which is one of the largest-selling brands of beer in the world), or any other brand of canned beer can be kept for a period of approximately between three months and six months, either at room temperature or refrigerated. The taste will, however, not last for a long period of time, but it will not lose its original good taste.

Frequently changing the temperature certainly has an adverse effect on the time span for which a can of Budweiser beer can be kept without losing its good taste. If the temperature of a can of Budweiser beer is constantly changed from the temperature of the can when it is kept in the refrigerator to that of the can when it is kept at room temperature, the time before the beer goes stale reduces from a duration of about three months to a duration of about one week.
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Budweiser cans should have a "Born On" date and it will advise you to consume within 6 months of that date.

Remember, beer will always taste best if nice and cold, that way it is really refreshing! Get yourself a good beer fridge and enjoy! 

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