Where Can I Buy Ginger Beer?


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Port beer and soda has ginger beer and a whole lot more
152 shore rd . Port Washington  NY , 11050
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Now ginger beer is quite popular. I am a sales rep and you can buy it at most major grocery stores, like Safeway,Vons in California. Iy has no alcoholic in it. I stock it in the gormet water section .
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Ginger beer basically is a kind of carbonated alcoholic drink or soft drink, flavoured mainly with ginger, lemon and sugar. It is easily available in wine shops, or can be purchased from online web-sites like , , etc.

It was first created in England during the 1700s, and became quite popular during 1900s. The original recipe mainly had ginger, sugar and water to which a gelatinous material which was known as "ginger beer plant" was mixed. Ginger beer normally has a lot of fizz in it due to the carbon dioxide content in it.
Ginger beer can be combined with normal beer to create a type of shandy.

The beverage manufactured industrially now days is frequently not brewed. Such ta ype of ginger beer is often carbonated with compressed carbon dioxide, and zero alcoholic content.

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