Where To Buy Carlton Beer?


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Carlton and United Beverages range of beers would include Carlton Draught; Melbourne Bitter; Carlton Cold; Victoria Bitter; Carlton Midstrength; Carlton Black; and Crown Lager. Availability differs from place to place. For instance, Carlton Draught is offered on tap in Victoria, which is its home state in addition to New South Wales, Queensland, as well as South Australia and even Western Australia. It is also sold pre-packaged.

In some places where the demand is particularly high, these beers are actually imported and sold at a premium rate.  Carlton and United Beverages is owned by the Foster's Group, which is famed for its Foster's Lager, which is available in several places across the globe (in 155 countries) including the UK and USA.

To check the availability of Carlton Cold, Victoria Bitter and Crown Lager at different venues in the UK, visit For the official site, with beer listings visit

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