Where Can You Buy Kid Rock's American Bad Ass Beer? I Live Near Detroit


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If you're craving some Bad Ass Beer, there are several outlets in the Detroit area that stock the alcoholic beverage.

Where can I buy Kid Rock's Bad Ass Beer?

According to the official Bad Ass Beer website, the following places all sell Bad Ass Beer:

  • Coachs Corner - 1465 Center Detroit 48226
  • Athens MKT - 527 Monroe Detorit 48226
  • La Casa De La Habana - 1502 Randolph Detroit 48208
  • Rub Pub - 18 Adamd W. Detroit 48226
  • Joe Louis Arena - 600 Civic Center Detorit 48226
  • The Fillmore - 2115 Woodward Ave Detroit 48201
  • Hoot's on the Avenue - 1460 Michigan Detroit 48216
  • Harbor Town MKT. - 3472 Jefferson E. Detroit 48207
  • University Village Market - 4700 Third Detorit 48201
  • Forrest Liquor - 4535 Trumbull Detroit 48208
I found the Bad Ass Beer website very useful when searching for places to buy the lager - as there's even a search page on the site where you can enter your current location, and the closest Bad Ass Beer stockists appear on a map.

You might also be interested to know that the brewer responsible for giving the world Bad Ass Beer was recently evicted from its premises.

This means that Bad Ass Beer might have to alter its operations, and the places that stock the lager might be affected!

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