Where Can I Buy Some Gluten Free Beer?


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Kathryn Patten answered
For people with certain allergies or celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is considered necessary, but when socializing or unwinding with a drink at the end of a busy day, as some may do, a gluten-free diet can prove to be limiting. For those who desire that end of day alcoholic beverage, gluten free beer can be found and bought at numerous companies around the world. 'Bard's Tale' and 'Lakefront Brewery' are two American breweries that both brew an excellent gluten-free beer. The Canadian company 'New France Beers' brews a gluten free beer from rice and buckwheat and the UK companies 'Green's Discovery' and 'Fine Ale Club' both won an award at the gluten free beer festival for their beverages. 'Green's Discovery' won an award for 'depth of character and finesse in its' range of flavours' and 'Fine Ale Club' won an award for 'realest of real ales'. 'O'Brien Premium Lager' is the manufacturer of Australia's first gluten free beer. 'Fine Ale Club', 'Green's Discovery' and 'O'Brien Premium Lager' also give the option to make an online purchase.

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