How Do I Make A Beer Box Cowboy Hat?


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Easily actually if you have 3 beer boxes, scissors, a stapler, shoelaces and black poster paint which dries quickly.
First measure your head with the shoe lace, then fold it in half to measure what the diameter of the circle will be. Then mark it on the card with a felt tip pen and draw a circle and cut it out. This is the top of the hat.
Then cut a long strip deep enough to accomodate your head and wide enough to go around your head with a border to spare.
Attach these two pieces together by bending the ends and stapling them together to form a cap, now cut the brim using the same process of measuring the diameter of your circle and cut out a large circle with the diameter of the cap you have made in the middle.
Attach this to the cap in the same way by bending the ends and stapling it to the cap part.
Now shape your hat by puting it on, and bending the rim up, rolling the sides in other words.
Now paint it black and let it dry. Attach a shoe lace or leather thong around where the cap meets the brim to hold the hat on under your chin. Please do not attempt this project if you have been drinking you could injure yourself.
You are ready to go.

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