Where Is Kronenbourg Beer Brewed?


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Kronenbourg 1664 beer is a leading French brand of beer. It has been brewed in France since 1664, the year the brand was launched. In its 342-year history, Kronenbourg 1664 beer has emerged as the leading brand in the market for beer in the country of its origin. It has also risen to the position of the second largest-selling brand of lager in the United Kingdom. The hops used in the making of Kronenbourg 1664 are aromatic hops. These hops are specially supplied to the manufacturers of the Kronenbourg 1664 brand from the province of Alsace in France.

Apart from Kronenbourg 1664 (abbreviated as K1664), the other brands produced by Brasseries Kronenbourg include such other brands of beer as the gold medal-winning beverage Premier Cru and Blanc. Kronenbourg 1664 won a gold medal at the prestigious Brewing Industry International Awards ceremony in 2004. The latest feather in Kronenbourg 1664's cap comes in the form of a gold medal won at the International Beer Competition in 2005 by Premier Cru. This award was for the best brand in the strong lager category.

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Way to copy and paste.

Kronenbourg is brewed in Strasbourg, France. It is a smallish city right near the current German border. Really pretty place.

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