How Many Brands Of Beer Are There In The World?


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9,785 Varieties of beer
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The exact number is not known, because there are a lot of breweries who
are brewing their own beers (some beers come and some go). It has to be
around a thousand different brands.
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There are as many beers out there as there are opinions
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Beer is the oldest among the alcoholic beverage in history! The origin of the ale dates back to grain fermentation and indulgence in ancient Egypt. Beer is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented starches. The base grain could be barley, wheat or cassava. The ingredients include water, malted barley, wheat or cassava, hops and yeast. The yeast plays a major role in the fermentation process.

The process of fermenting the starch to get the alcoholic beverage involves brewing the ingredients, aging the concoction and carbonation, to further improve the taste and quality of the ale. There are two basic types of beer. The type is determined by the yeast used for fermentation. The 'ales' involve top fermenting yeast, while the 'lagers' involve bottom fermenting yeast. Britain and Germany top the list of beer manufacturing nations of the world.

It is impossible to quote a figure for the 'number of beer brands in the world'. There are small and large breweries in different parts of the world that cater to the local and international markets. However, some of the best known and reputed brands are listed below:
- Budweiser
- Corona Extra
- Guinness
- Coors Light
- Miller Lite
- Foster's
- Anchor Steam Beer
- Sarajevsko Pivo
- Miller High Life
- Labatt Blue

The ale or larger varieties are personal preferences, on the basis of alcohol content, glycerin content and taste.

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