My dad is a drunk and it hurts me. I told him that He'd quit if he cared about me but he still Hasn't quit. He hasnt even made an Attempt to join aa or not buy beer what should i do about these feelings of hate i have for him?


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Your dad, is an adult. He also has an addiction to alcohol. An addiction is a strong overpowering  desire. Smoking is also an addiction. You basically said...choose....your addiction or me. Well, ask anyone who is addicted to something, the addiction always wins out. It really has nothing to do with you. An addiction is a will power issue where they themselves need help to overcome. Basically they say to themself...I have to choose myself over the addiction but I need help to chose myself. Most can't even chose themselves, let alone an outside person from a wife, or daughter, or son...etc. The addiction wins out even to themselves. So it really has nothing to do with you or his love for you. He has to want to give it up...for himself first.
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He is obviously addicted and you should try not to hate him as it does no good. Just try to encourage your mum to encourage your dad to go to AA. You are too young to handle this on your own so leave it to an adult.

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