What Does Tea Contain?


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Tea is the most popular drink that everybody knows it. Tea contains 'Caffeine'. Caffeine is found in coffee, too. The most amazing fact is that one cup of liquid coffee contains more amount of caffeine than a cup of tea while dry coffee contains less amount of caffeine than tea.

Amount of caffeine in tea depends upon various factors such as variety of tealeaf, length of tealeaf, size of tealeaf, location of tealeaf, etc. The longer tealeaves have more amount of caffeine than the shorter tealeaves. The smaller tealeaf has less content of caffeine than the bigger one.

There are many types of tea available. All these types contains different amount of caffeine except Herbal tea. Herbal tea is caffeine –free tea. Anybody should not drink 2-3 liters of tea in a day so that the amount of caffeine intake is more than 600mg. It is dangerous to health.

Tea without sugar or milk has zero calories. There are several minerals present in tea. Tea contains flavonoids that help to prevent the damage of body cells and tissues.
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Tea is 100% natural product. It contains the following things,

- Both green and black tea contains 30mg per cup of caffeine.
- simple tea without milk and sugar contains no calories.
- It also contains minerals. Such as
* Flourid.. It keeps the teeth healthy

* Flavonoids.. Its an antioxidents, which protects body
cells and tissues from damage.
- But excessive use of tea can change the colour of your teeths.
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Tava tea is a pure hebal weight loss product. The natural green composition of tava tea
includes following components:-
Green Sencha leaves- It generates antioxidant and also helps to
lessen the free radical ratio in the body.
Puerh leaves- These leaves helps to enhance the blood circulation, aids in
proper food digestion and reduces the cholesterol level inside the human body.
Wuyi Cliff Oolong  leaves- Wuyi Cliff Oolong leaves helps to burn the extra calorie in the body, accelerate the blood circulation and also makes the digestive system healthy.According toTava Tea reviews it is efficient weight losss paroduct with many other health benefits.

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