Are There Free Stencils For Cake Decorating?


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You’ve got me thinking about baking cakes now. ☺ You can download free stencil shapes from the Internet, but then you have to make them yourself. I generally use paper or paper equivalent material that’s easy to cut, but this also makes them only usable once. My free kids’ stencils used to come from They had a drop-down list of shapes and the button next to it lets you download the pdf shape to be cut out for a stencil. They’ve taken the site down now, but you can access some of the shapes that are still online (the cat one for instance) by using this link: You’ll note that when you pick a shape, there’s a missing image with a question mark over it, next to the drop down box. Click the question mark, and the corresponding shape (if still available) will download on to your computer as a .pdf file. There’s no reason that you can’t be clever and use stencils that are originally created for spray-painting rather than cakes. I’ve used the dachshund one from this spray paint stencil site and it worked out really well:

The advantage of store bought stencils is that they hold their shape and are reusable. So, when you download free stencils from the net and cut them into your shapes, it’s quite important to pick a slightly thicker grain of paper. I print the shape out on to ordinary paper and then stick it on to thicker glossy paper before using it to ice the cake. If you’re looking to get one of these plastic or metal stencils that are generally commercially sold, your best bet would be to check the seasonal ones, after the holidays are done. I’m not sure you’d be able to find anybody giving them away for free, but you may lay your hands on some great deals with discounts.
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You can not get the free stencils but you can get the designs for free. However you can make your own stencils and its very simple:
-Trace the design onto a waxed paper.
-Cut out the traced design.
-Let icing crust.
-Hold the design on cake and prick the outline onto the cake with a toothpick.

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