How Many Meq In A Mg Of Potassium?


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According to research and facts, there is 80mg per 1mEq in potassium. Yes the other person is right it is really easy to overdose on Potassium and it can cause a lot of problems if you get too much. Hope you got it figured out, and double check with a pharmacist to clarify.
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I think there is 75 mg in one MEQ. I would call a pharmacist or chemist to find out. I would hate to say 75, then it would be 7.5!

You have to be very careful and not to OD on it. It's something that you shouldn't take if you don't need to. I was blood tested daily for my potassium levels in the CHF clinic when I was getting daily IV's. They said it's so dangerous to go over the amount you need.

I could go into more details but as a warning, don't take too much or use it like you would a vitamin.

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