Do You Have A List For Foods To Eat For Diverticulosis?


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I have had luck using google for food list for different medical conditions. Try wording your search like this-
diverticulosis, foods, eating
You can also check out and search in that sight for diverticulosis. Since persons with diverticulosis have a chance of developing diverticulitus, that would be something to search out as well. Now, my friend, I am not a doctor! But I took a little time to find something for your to start with. The goal of treatment is to try top reduce intestinal spasms- therefore, consuming a high fiber diet consisting of veggies, fruits, and cereals should help. PLEASE be sure that you follow-up with a GOOD gastroenterologist. Also, make sure that you have been diagnosed correctly, because you do not want to mistakenly be diagnosed with diverticulosis if you really have diverticulitus(diverticulitus is the more severe of the two and requires a totally different treatment plan). Just double check and be sure! You may also want to check out OIL OF OREGANO to see if this supplement might help your diverticulosis. I have used it for many things including gastrointestinal flu and have seen good results.
Good luck!
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I would like to have a list of foods to eat for diverticulitis
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Try going to googles!! But you do want to stay away from berries ,nuts and anything spicey, popcorn, corn, anything that has seeds, as all these can get caught in the pockets of the colon and cause great pain!!! 
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Diverticulosis also known as diverticular disease, is the condition of having diverticula in the colon. A diet that is not sufficient in fiber makes the stools small and hard thus requiring effort for the bowel to squeeze harder to remove the smaller stools. Although you seek to know a list of what you should be eating and what you shouldn't,  one important thing you ought to remember is a  diet which is low in fiber content or high in fat, high intake of meat and red meat is not recommended for you. Likewise a diet enriched with fibre content is good because it causes stools to retain more water and become easier to pass. Good luck.
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I am actually looking for a list also! But, I do have a small list:


Any type of nut
Poppy seeds
Seseme Seed
Sunflower seeds

That is all I know, everyone...good luck on finding a list!
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Foods To Avoid With Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a condition that occurs when there are small pockets that are formed in the wall of the intestine that are called diverticula. When these then become inflamed or infected the individual will start to likely experience some discomfort and problems in the body will arise.

There is some evidence that shows there are specific factors that can affect your risk for developing diverticulitis; age seems to be one predomin

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