How do I eat when I have no money to buy food?


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Julie Allen answered

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to eat yet have no money available to buy any food, try these tips to create a nourishing meal.

Raid your fridge

Your fridge, freezer and cupboards will be a useful source for foodstuffs that you can combine to create a meal. See what you have in the way of tins or packets and combine these with some herbs and seasoning. Try to balance out your protein, carbohydrates and fruit/vegetables so you meal is still nutritionally balanced.

Get back to nature

You could use your childhood scouting skills to forage for wild food such as berries and fruit. Or try snaring a rabbit in a trap or spearing a fish in a river.

Use your skills

If you can sing, dance or play a musical instrument you could become a street performer and earn enough for your next meal. Even if you can draw, paint or mime you could earn money from your skills.

Work for food

Use your knowledge and labor skills to provide a local service. Even just washing some cars and doing some odd jobs in your neighborhood such as mowing lawns, painting fences and odd jobs can bring in enough cash for a decent meal.

Go freegan

Yes you can find and eat food that is perfectly fit for human consumption but has, for various reasons, been discarded. Every day restaurants, stores and factories all throw away thousands of tons of food which you could eat. Find a local freeganism network to show you the ropes. If you do decide to browse the dumpsters, use your nose, literally! Stick to vegetarian discards which will be a safer bet than fish or meat.

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Go to a church. A lot of churches have food programs.  If they do not, then they usually know where you can go to get food. Go to a food bank.  Go to Social Services.  Visit a friend.
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You must have SOMETHING in your house. Experiment with canned foods... Frozen foods... Condiments - things like that. And if all else fails, go to Whole Foods and ask for SAMPLES!! :)
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You are cooking by yourself,guarantee you store raw food!
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