What Fruit Is Called Earth Berry In German Where It Grows?


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The fruit called earth berry in Germany, where it grows, is the strawberry. Earth berry directly translates to 'erdbeere', which in English is taken to mean strawberry. In actuality, the strawberry is not a berry as many people believe - it is what is known as an accessory fruit. Types of fruit often bear slightly different names in various languages, due to cultural and farming differences.

• The cultivation of the strawberry

Strawberries are grown around the world in various locations, although a relatively warm temperature is needed for them to thrive. They are usually grown between March and June. Most strawberries grown for commercial reasons are cultivated using the plasticulture system. In this system, large quantities of strawberries are grown in strips in fields. The strawberry plants, which are low-level, are covered in plastic sheeting and pesticides are used to prevent weeds growing. Measures such as these can avoid infection and disease. When the strawberries become ripe and red, they are picked. Strawberry pickers are often employed from abroad to pick strawberries directly from the ground. The strawberries are then taken to be cleaned and packaged, and then sent to shops for general sale.

• Uses of the garden strawberry

Of course, most strawberries are eaten as fruits, and can contribute towards a healthy, balanced diet. They are full of natural sugars as well as vitamins and antioxidants. Strawberries are also widely used to produce flavorings, which can be used to make strawberry-flavored foods such as strawberry ice cream, strawberry sweets and strawberry yogurt. In most cases the fruit is considered a dessert item; for instance, strawberries and cream are very popular as desserts in high end restaurants. Pigment extracted from strawberries can be used as an acid/base indicator, as the conjugate acid is colored differently to the conjugate base of the pigment.

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