How long should I cook bacon? I keep burning mine!


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When I cook bacon, I keep the heat low so it doesn't burn. Many folks like to use the oven, but I want to keep a constant eye on it, so I use a skillet and keep the heat low.

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Just stop cooking it before it burns...

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Chocolatey  Goodness
Have you ever cooked bacon? With all the grease, it's hard to tell when the meaty part is cooked or not! I like all my meat cooked fully so that there is no question of bacteria, but right when I think it is just right, I take it out of the pan, lay it on paper towels, and when the grease settles, it looks much more burnt than it did a few minutes before! :/ If you try it, you'll know what I mean!
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It might interest you to know that I have actually cooked bacon before. All I was saying is that you should just cook it for a little less time than you currently do.
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Ogden Nash's recipe for cooking perfect toast can also be applied to cooking perfect bacon. He wrote, "cook it till it burns and then twenty seconds less."

I rarely cook bacon but don't have trouble with it burning. Chuck it in a pan (without oil, it'll produce its own fat) medium to low heat, keep turning it so that it doesn't stick to the pan. Mmmm. I can taste it as I type. >:-)

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Chocolatey  Goodness
Thanks Didgeri! I did have the idea that maybe I should keep a closer eye on it and turn it more often and it seemed to work! Much better than last time, anyway. :P

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