How Long Does A Bottle Of Wine Last If Not Opened And Not Refrigerated?


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I've heard that some wines and champagnes will still be good for a couple of years, especially if kept around a 50-65 degree temperature.  Some champagnes are bottled before they've aged enough, so with them, the longer you keep them, the better they'll be.  Some wines also are better a year or two after they're bottled, but a lot depends on the type of wine, the company that produces it, and the quality of it.
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Different wines, different times. Some wines have to be aged at least a few years--and some just get better the more they age. But for most people and most wines, they are drinkable when you buy them. And the refrigeration issue depends again on the type of wine. Wine is best stored at a constant cool temp but not refrigerated. And whites and reds are stored at different temperatures. But again, for most people, this is not really a big deal. And I had a friend with a bottle of Dom Perignon that her dad bought when the year she and her twin sister were born. Her sister drank hers on her 21st bday and said it was great. She waited until her 30th and it had turned and was terrible.
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