How Many Calories In Burnett Pink Lemonade Vodka?


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Typically, a glass of any vodka and juice based drink will have about 175 calories. Burnett's Pink Lemonade Vodka will be suitable for any diet, as long as the drinker understands that a serving size is just one cup. In other words, don't fill a huge tumbler or highball glass with Burnett's Pink Lemonade Vodka and expect it to have the same calorie count.

Today, people are drinking bigger cocktails than ever before, and these huge drinks can really pile on the calories. Look at a typical measuring cup to see the size of an actual cup of liquid - this is the serving size to shoot for when you enjoy some lemonade (if you're on a diet). Add lots of ice to prolong your enjoyment of this refreshing alcoholic beverage; which tastes best when it is chilled before serving.

  • Low Calorie Cocktails
In general, low calorie cocktails will be wine spritzers, which combine white or rose wine with seltzer water (which has no calories), or sugar free margaritas (these margarita recipes are popular in today's hottest diet books). Any drink can be made lower calorie by substituting a sugary mixer for a sugar free version.

For example, you could make your own alcoholic lemonade by using a shot of vodka and some Crystal Light (a zero calorie diet drink that comes in a powder that is then mixed with water) as a mixer. This version will give the same overall taste, without any added sugar or fat. Of course, there are those who argue that sugar substitutes, such as aspartame and Splenda, are just as harmful (if not more harmful) than the real thing.

Enjoying alcoholic drinks in moderation can be a healthy thing; after all, in Europe, many people enjoy wine with meals and think nothing of it. However, when someone begins to drink alone, or drink to get to sleep, or drink to wake up, addiction may be taking hold.

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