How Much Does Burnett's Flavored Vodka Cost?


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Burnett's Flavored Vodka?

Burnett's flavored vodka is one of the leading brands of flavored American vodka. The brand is owned by Heaven Hill Distilleries, a name that is perhaps more widely recognized for the 'Kentucky Straight Bourbon' they produce, but with an ever expanding appetite for vodka in the United States, and flavored vodka enjoying a strong emerging market, Burnett's flavored vodka is rapidly growing into a big name on the American spirit scene.

One of the strongest selling points of Burnett's flavored vodka is the large range of unique flavors on offer, with new ones being constantly developed and introduced to the market. At the moment Burnett's offer everything from 'Pink Lemonade' vodka to 'Sugar Cookie' vodka!

How much is a bottle?

Burnett's as a brand, has built a reputation of producing quality spirits retailing at a reasonable price, which is why the vodka enjoys popularity as a 'party vodka'.

A bottle of Burnett's vodka is easily found in most liquor stores and online booze retailers, with price varying from retailer to retailer and also dependent on the flavor in question and the size of the bottle you are buying.

A quick search online shows that a liter of Burnett's Pink Lemonade vodka can be purchased for as little as $8.50 (not including shipping it out to you), and most liquor stores price various Burnett's flavored vodkas at between $9 and $11.50. Burnett's offer a range of bottle sizes, with mini-bottles of 50ml available, as well as mammoth 1.75 liter bottles.

Which ever exciting flavor of vodka you decide to go for, remember that responsible drinking always makes a drink go down smoothly and ensures a great night to remember!

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