You're at a bartender competition with thousands of dollars in prize money, and your challenge is to make an amazing and original new cocktail using any ingredients you like. What do you make?


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Apple cider, scotch and cherry juice.

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Ah, I've never heard of a Stone Fence, I'll have to look it up.
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Rum? Can't stand that stuff.
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In my early 30's, I was on a trip in the Caribbean and got totally wasted drinking rum. It took 3 days to recover and I haven't been able to even stand the smell of rum, let alone drink it.
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Dip the rim of a small cocktail glass in melted chocolate or Nutella. Twirl the rim in crushed almonds and coconut. Add a couple of ice cubes, an ounce of Vodka, an ounce of Amaretto and an ounce of Creme De Cocoa ( light or dark ) Add a maraschino cherry. And voila you have a Nutcracker. 

Wonderful at Christmas time.

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Jungle juice.    Hawaiin punch spite oranges limes lemons. Otis's moonshine yes this will give you zip

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Is there also a competition for best cure for hungover?

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