How Many Calories In A Soft Boiled Egg?


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A soft boiled egg, and a hard boiled egg would both provide about 76-78 calories per egg. This value is also true for poached eggs. Out of these calories the number of calories from fat is 58.
A soft boiled, hard boiled or poaches egg also provides 6g protein and about 1 g of carbohydrate. The reason why they all give same caloric counts is that they are all cooked in water which contributes no calories.

In comparison, if eggs are cooked in other media like oil, the number of calories shoots up:
1) A fried egg would provide about 90-100 calories per egg.
2) Scrambled eggs contain about 70-100 calories from each egg, depending on whether you add milk or not.

If you want to reduce the amount of calories in your soft boiled egg, simply omit the yolk from your plate. The yolk accounts for most of the egg's calories (about 59). Egg whites are very low in calories, providing only about 17 calories.
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1 soft boiled egg contain 288 calorie

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