How Many Calories In One Olive ?


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Olives are fairly high in calories for their size, but the number of calories per olive clearly depends on the type of olive. For a serving of two olives, states that there would be a total of 25 calories between these two olives. Therefore, each olive has 12.5 calories contained within it (assuming that they both have the same number of calories). However, the website does not state what sort of olives they are, so this may be the reason why other websites, such as has different results. They claim that, depending on type and size, olives can be between 3.7 calories (for a small olive) and 12.2 (for a 'super-colossal' olive). Another factor to consider when counting calories is the way I which the olives have been prepared, i.e. Have they been pickled, have they been stuffed with other ingredients. These should all be investigated before consumption as they will affect the number of calories for that olive, and they will usually increase the total rather than decrease it, so caution is advisable!

These websites I have mentioned can, however, only give you an idea of the number of calories in a jar of olives. There are a fair number of factors here that can affect the calorie count of a jar of olives, so to be absolutely sure of what you are taking in, you must check the label on the jar. This allows you to not only check the numbers of calories in that jar, but also allows you to check the levels of other substances, such as saturated fat and sodium levels. This can all be useful and can aid you in your calorie counting mission!
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1 green, fresh medium size of 6g contains 2 calories.
1 black, fresh medium size of 6g contains 10 calories.
3 green in brine medium size contain 25 calories.
3 black in brine, medium size contain 40 calories.
3 stuffed, medium size of 20g contain 25 calories.
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Thanks! Love olives, scottish slimmers diet member but dont know how many I can eat, by this calculation 3 olives = 1 check, 1 check = 25 calories! Thanks again!
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