How Many Calories Are In A 12oz Glass Of Barefoot Moscato Wine?


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  • How many calories are in a glass of Moscato wine?
First off, wine is usually measured in 4 and 6 oz glasses, so 12 ounces would be a lot more than the usual amount. But, on average, a 4 ounce glass of wine at 12% alcohol volume has 120 calories. So, if you were measuring in a 12 oz glass the calories would triple.This means that the total calories in a 12 oz glass is 360. A 12 oz glass is the average size for a soft drink or mixer.

  • Equivalent
This amount of calories is the equivalent number in scrambled eggs on toast with bacon, a large portion of french fries or a regular chocolate or strawberry shake at a fast food establishment.

  • Barefoot Moscato Wine
Barefoot Moscato wine is a white wine made in California. It is a muscat blanc and has been described as sweet, refreshing and fresh with flavors such as apricots, peaches with citrus hints of lemons and oranges.

You can buy it from many main supermarkets and malls, so it is a widely available wine. The wine is made at the Barefoot Cellars. Barefoot Cellars make many different wines from pinots to riesling and even champagne, so is sure to have the type of wine you prefer.
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Well first of all, 12 oz is a lot for a glass of wine. Usually it is measured in 4 oz or 6 oz. So the calories in 12 oz would be two-three times as much as a regular serving.

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