What Is The Nutritional Value Of Clams?


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Asians use the inner purple lining of the clams to make belts sashes or even spiritual purposes. Clams are two-shelled mollusks. They have tow types 1HARD SHELLED and 2SOFT SHELLED. Hard shelled clams are harvested in Florida. These brown nearly- oval shaped mollusks come in three sizes. The smallest are the tenderest and sweetest. The rings or ridges on the outside of the shell indicate the clams growth and age which can be more than30 years. They can reach sizes of 6 inches but are usually found at half that size. Clams are sold live in the shell, fresh and canned, when buying make sure the shells are tightly closed. This indicates they are fresh. If a shell is slightly open, tap it lightly. If it doesn't snap shut, the clam is dead and it is not eatable.

Nutritional Value: Clams are high in protein and fat free. One pound of clams, after the shell has been removed is about 68g
Following are the nutrients clams have:
1. Which yields 50 calories,
2. 8.6 g protein,
3. 31 mg calcium,
4. 213 mg potassium
5. 9.5 g iron.
6. 10.8 mcg folate,
7. 33.6 mcg vitamin B-6,
8. 204 IU vitamin A
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Who ever answered the first question is an idiot. Try and sound smart by copying and pasting, then making tons of mistakes? 9.8 grams of iron? Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how much that would be/??
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