How Many Grams Of Sugar Does A Glass Of Red Wine Have?


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This varies massively I am afraid. It depends on the size of glass you have, the specific variety of wine and, most significantly, whether it is a dry red wine or a sweet red wine.

A dry wine will contain far less natural sugars than the equivalent sweet wine. This is due to the fermentation process, which, in a dry wine has resulted most of the sugars being reduced. Sweet wines and dessert wines have quite high sugar content, especially in comparison to the dry wines.

The best way to work out the actual measurement of sugar per glass of wine is to learn to understand the labeling, as they will all give nutritional information including the grams of sugar. Since all wines are very different, it is impossible for me to give a gram measurement, but learning to understand this for yourself is fairly straightforward. I find it much easier to learn in a hands-on way so try this technique; next time you are in the supermarket look at the label on two dessert wines, two sweet wines and two dry wines. This should give you an idea of what is high sugar content for a wine and low sugar content for a wine. 

Websites that offer nutritional advice relating to calorie control diets often give details of sugar content of different food and drink items. Here is one such example: These websites are designed to help you understand the positives and negatives of certain types of food, drink and indeed wines. This will break down information on the more harmful contents as well as the positive contents. This website also helps you to understand what these readings mean for each individual.
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Red Wine - per oz.:  25 cal., 1.18 mg. Sodium, .74 gr. Carbohydrates, .18 grams of sugar.
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