I like a glass of red wine but have little idea of which one to choose. Does it really make any difference if I buy a more expensive wine- or is it all about wine snobbery?


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I like an occasional glass of wine! I prefer a red or pink moscato when I drink wine. My favorite by far is Barefoot pink Moscato...$13.00

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It is both. Taste and snobbery. I drink the wines I like, not the wines that cost the most or the least. You find the wine you like. (But don't go for the real cheap ones they are normally poor name and poor taste and are only good for cooking.) Unfortunately some people look only at the brand and buy it because of the name, not the taste. Like brand name clothing.  You can find a less expensive wine with the same flavour.

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To some extent, it is snobbery. Unless you are a seasoned connoisseur of wines, you may not be able to appreciate the difference. Wine is for everyone. Try everything, like what you like without regret or second guess. 

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Money isn't really that much of an issue. There are some great inexpensive wines. The thing is with reds you have a wide variety of them. I have started drinking merlot a few years ago because it is often easier to get when I am out for dinner than an old vine zinfandel, which I prefer. I found a wine wheel at a wine store that is great to help you pair wines with foods. Unfortunately it got packed up in the last move and I haven't seen it in a year. Most of the wines I like are in the $10-$15 range. I have had some that were less that were great and some that were more that I ended up dumping out. Don't worry about wine snobs and drink what you like, and don't be afraid to try something new.

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