How Many Grams Of Sugar Is In A Margarita?


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A standard four-ounce margarita cocktail contains four grams of sugar. Therefore, for each ounce of margarita cocktail you consume, you take in a gram of sugar. One gram of sugar contains around 42.5 calories, so one margarita drink has in it 170 calories.

• The margarita cocktail

The margarita is a popular cocktail, serves in the vast majority of cocktail bars and restaurants across the US. It consists of tequila, mixed with orange-flavored liqueur along with lemon or lime juice. In more sophisticated settings, the cocktail is served with a sprinkling of salt on the glass rim. The cocktail can be served with or without ice. Some restaurants offer the option of a frozen margarita, which is a margarita blended smoothly with crushed ice.

The margarita cocktail even has its own specially designed glass; a variant of the classic champagne glass. Of course, not all bars use this glass and it is often served in a regular fashion. In a formal setting, the margarita cocktail will be served in a standard cocktail glass rather than a bar glass.

• A note on sugar

Most fruit-based cocktails contain significant amounts of sugar. The margarita cocktail is one such cocktail, although in fact it contains a relatively small amount. Carbonated drinks such as Coke generally contain four to five times as much sugar than margarita cocktails. Therefore you should not worry too much about sugar consumption when drinking margaritas, unless you are drinking them excessively (in which case you should be more concerned about the quantity of alcohol you are consuming). Drinking too much sugar can lead to weight gain if the necessary exercise is not being undertaken to burn calories off. Sugar can also damage and erode the teeth.

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