What Does V.S.O.P. Mean On A Bottle Of Brandy?


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VSOP in regards to brandy generally is intended to signify its good quality. It is often interpreted as being Very Special Old Pale. The colour of brandy is no indication of age.

Some people believe that if it is dark and treacly it means it has been in wood barrels for a long time. Actually caramel is added to give colour or to maintain the consistency of colour of a popular brand.

A true pale brandy is one that has not been allowed to take on too much colour from the cask and remains a naturally pale bronze.

In cognac where VSOP is the big brand of Remy Martin the term has no legal significance. There is only the implication of age and quality. However in Armagnac a VSOP will be 10 to 15 years old. In other parts of the world the term is used according to the decision of the producer.
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Very special old pale
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Very Superior Old Pale.

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