Can You Give Me A Sample Menu For A High Protein Diet With A Total Of 1200 Calories.?


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The 1200-calorie, high-protein diet seems to be very popular at the moment, though for each person who recommends it, there seems to be another warning of its dangers - as seems to be the case with most "fad" diets!

There are lots of online diet plans that you can sign up for access to, such as Spark Recipes, though most of these seem to require that you pay a fee for membership.

However, I did manage to find this sample menu plan from

Another source of ideas for meals to fit with your 1200-calorie diet might be to join some of the forums, such as this one on - where you can exchange suggestions with other people who are trying to follow the same diet as you.

There are of course lots of recipe books for sale, too, which give ideas to help you plan your meals, but another great source of inspiring recipes (along with mouth-watering pictures) is to search Pinterest under the search term, "high protein".

For example, this is what my search came up with: Pinterest - high protein.

Finally, there are lots of videos on YouTube, in which people talk you through what they eat while they're on the diet, such as the two below:

You can find out more about the 1200-calorie, high-protein diet - and what you should be careful about, here, and here.

As ever with a big change in diet, please check with your doctor first as any dramatic change can have negative effects.

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There are a plenty of menus that are with high protein diet with ultimate 1200 calories. I suggest you that you should try this baked salmon patties low carb, that is much better for your health.

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