I Need A Sample Menu. Can You Help Me?


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Are you hoping for a diet similar to the atkins diet because although you will lose the weight it's not a diet you could keep up for any length of time and after you will gain weight very fast back it also makes your breath smell upsets your bowel habits and puts your kidneys under pressure too ,what is wrong with a low fat diet that includes everything in smaller portions if you deprive yourself you will give in later
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High Protein diet is not good for your health. The more fast you lose weigh the more fast you can put on. It is better you eat healthy and well balanced diet.

but still if you want to go for it and want to have a sample menu then go to 1200-calorie-diet-sample

In this site you will find 2 to 3 samples hope those might help you.

Best of luck buddy and enjoy the diet plan :)

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