What Is On A Spanish Menu?


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The precise food items on a Spanish Menu would obviously vary in different places. A general menu would include various Sopas y Ensaladas (that is, soups & salads). Paella is a typical, traditional Spanish dish made up of saffron, rice, served as seafood or with meats.

Tapas is a term popularly associated with Spanish meals. It is the name given to a range of diverse appetizers in Spanish cuisine. They could be cold versions, such as a common dish of mixed olives and cheese. They could also be warm, such as puntillitas. One popular custom followed when going out is the serving of tapas accompanied by a drink (such as sherry, wine, beer, etc.).

Raciones are heartier dishes. There are various desserts such as Surtido de Queso which comprises a variety of artisinal cheeses plus condiments, in addition to walnut bread toasts as well as Spanish fig cake

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