I Just Need A Diet To Start I Need A Menu Of What To Eat For Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner,Can You Tell Me?


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I have been on this diet for the last 6 months (cheating every now and then I might add) and it works.  I have lost over 3 stone.

Water -  drink atleast 1 1/2 litres a day
Alcohol -  Sorry not allowed.  But remember if you cheat, it will take you 5 days of dieting to recovery your lost position
Diet Drinks -  As many as you want, but don't go mad

Breakfast -  Natural yoghurt with fruit, 4 teaspoons flax seed and 2 teaspoons of sun flower seeds.     OR,  Bowl of porridge    OR   boiled egg and ryvitas

Lunch -  4 ryvitas - 2 slices of edam or Gouda cheese or turkey ham or ham.   Apple/orange

Dinner -  150 gms of vegetables (no potatoes/suede/sweetcorn/rice or pasta)  and 100gms of meat,   2 x fruit

Eat red meat only twice a weak (beef,lamb,duck, pork).  This means you will need to learn to eat more fish and chicken.

You can turn your fruit into juices/smoothies if you want to.

Free:   Eat as much lettuce, celery,cucumber and radishes as you like.

OK, have fun.  Only eat what I have said.  

Will pray for you.  God Bless.  ..and don't forget beauty is within.  You are beautiful at whatever weight you are, but you deserve a long, health life.  Decide what age you want to live to and that should motivate you to stick at this diet.  

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Hello. Now a healthy lifestyle has become fashionable. And that's why I decided to go on a keto diet. This idea was suggested to me by my trainer. It is very useful and effective. I have been sticking to it for 3 months. All information I take from . Everything is detailed. I think you will like it.

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