Could someone tell me what the "normal" amount of food to eat in a day is? And maybe what types of food you're supposed to eat every day? Im trying to recover from an ed and I have no idea what normal is. For instance I'm taking my mom out to dinner tonight, so if I ate a bowl of ramen for lunch would that be too much?.. 


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"Normal" depends on several factors, like age, gender, and activity level. A good average to shoot for would be 1800 calories if female and 2000 for male.

Depending on where you are going out to eat, most chain restaurants pack in a day's worth of calories in many of their meals. While just eating ramen for lunch you should still either look for lighter food on the menu, or just ask for a box when you order so you can put half your meal away right away and save it for lunch the next day.

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Think about what you would give someone else to eat and how much, then eat that yourself.  Watch how much food a normal person consumes. All the best to you.

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Good rule of thumb is to go heavier on the dark green vegetables, around 6 oz (depending on your size) of protein (fish, chicken, lean red meat), and maybe another 6 oz of a non-processed starch (Brown Rice, White Rice, or potatoes). 

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one bowl of ramen is not too much come on lol even for breakfast! 2 bowls could be too much. I don't know how fast your metabolism is.

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