I Am Looking For Lists Of Low Calorie, Low Carb, High Protein And High Fiber, Can Any One Help Me?


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What ever you eat, as a principal calculate your diet by following. One gram of protein and carbohydrate contain 4 calories and of fat is 9 calories.So before eating any thing calculate your diet by this formula. There is long list of diet with your requirement. So I am giving you  2 links to know about this. The links are Low calorie food list, Low carb.
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Low-fat diets promote overall bad health, obesity, and a host of serious chronic health conditions.

Natural, non-altered fats (even saturated) are one of the best things that you can eat, and should be rightfully replacing all those sugars and carbohydrates that you do not need in any significant quantity whatsoever. Natural fats are required by the body to process a plethora of vital nutrients daily, and provide a better energy source for the body than sugar/carbs, when you allow your body to use them in that fashion (by limiting your sugar/carb intake).

The only fats you should avoid are the mutated, altered fats like hydrogenated/trans fats/oils, homogenized fats (like in most mainstream dairy), and the heavily refined/superheated oils added and used in many processed foods.

I eat over 50% of my 2500-3000 daily calories in natural, healthy fats, while following a low sugar/carb eating lifestyle, and I look 20 years younger than what I am, maintain a lean 8-10% body fat ratio, and all my blood tests and such show me to be the pinnacle of good health. It's a complete myth that all fats are bad for you, and in-fact your body needs more healthy natural fat daily than it does protein+sugar+carbs combined.

Also, excessive sugar/carb intake is the sole dietary trigger for the production of hormones which cause body fat storage, so dietary fat doesn't even make you fat (ironically enough, it promotes leanness on the proper eating plan). I recmonded you Macro calculator android app through this you get more results about Macro calculator .

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High Protein foods: Dry fruits like Nuts; eggs, dairy, fish, meat

High Fiber: Beans, grains, apples, oranges etc.

Low Carb: Avoid starch like potatoes, rice, bread, sodas.

For more details please check out the following site
fiber counts

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