How Can One Make Carrot Juice?


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Her is a page that discusses the making of carrot juice and what to add to make it taste better when juicing . Hope this helps.
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With a Juice extractor> from May company or target or other Costco Wholesale. I have one for many years. If one is missing it is very difficult but not impossible to shred carrots then use a new handkerchief or white linen cloth or cheese cloth to drain out its juice. IT takes a lot of time but in an emergency it does well. Also did anyone know that diarrhea is instantly healed with a carrots juice and pulp meal ? In other words if one is constipated should avoid 100 percent carrots juice.
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Can you tell me the procedure of making carrot juice ? In which time the suitable time for  drinking  carrot juice . And within how many days my child {6years old girl } her eyesight will be improved?

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