How Do I Make Cactus Juice


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The sap or juices of a number of herbs are being experimented on, for their medicinal properties. Nearly all fruit and vegetable juices are readily available in the local markets and can be extracted at home too. The juice of cacti like Hoodia Gordonii and the prickly pear are also extracted from the leaves and stems of the plants.

Cactus is a fleshy plant that thrives in desert, arid and dry terrain. The plant has the capacity to stay green and fleshy because of the water retention in the roots, stems and leaves. The source of water beneath the arid terrain is sought out and remains a constant source for the plant. The Sans Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have been consuming the Hoodia Gordonii cactus plant for ages to survive without food and water during long hunting expeditions. The plant has a natural and active ingredient that curbs the pangs of hunger and thirst. It hasn't taken us long to reach out and access this unique ability and the medicinal properties in the prickly pear, to enhance our lifestyles too.

The juices are either extracted naturally, by drawing out the sap or by crushing the flesh, manually. In the case of industrial extraction, for research and medication, large quantities are exposed to heat or steam to soften the outer coats and then the sap is extracted.
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You buy big round cactus, not the flat kind, from the supermarket (try an a mexican or persian market), peel it (wear gloves in case there are pricks), put it in a blender, then strain it b/c there are big seeds. Tastes great. The cactus comes in either red or green.

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