How Do You Make Strawberry Juice?


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If you want to use the natural sugars get a juicer cut the strawberries up and dump them in
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Punnet of strawberries
1Tbsp - Sugar
1 Vanilla bean
Cheek of lemon

1. Hull and halve the strawberries and place them in a bowl
2. Sprinkle over Sugar
3. Squeeze the lemon
4. Split vanilla bean and place it in the bowl, don't scrape off the insides
5. Refrigerate for 2hours or overnight, the strawberries will release its juice
6. Process strawberries and liquid in a blender (remove vanilla first).
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Strawberry Juice

1. Strawberry 6 to 8 pieces
2. Thick Milk 300 ML
3. Cream 8 tea spoon
4. Sugar 3 tea spoon
5. Ice

1. Wash and cut the Strawberry into small piece and put them into blender with cream and 150 Ml milk. And blend them for one to two minute.
2. Then put remaining milk and sugar and then again blend them for 2 to 4 minute.
3. Cursed the ice and put it into blender and again blend all mixture for 1 minute.
Your Strawberry Juice is ready.


Take a strawberry printed long glass. Keep it into freezer for 2 minute before serve.
Take half strawberry empty it into inside and put it on top of the glass. And then put cold strawberry juice init and serve.

Method 2
1. Take a Strawberry Ice cream 250 ml
2. All above mention Ingredients

Take a blender put a strawberries into it with 150Ml milk and blend then put sugar and remaining milk and blend them for 2 to 3 minute with cream.
Now before adding cursed ice add strawberry Ice cream and blend it for 3 minute then add cursed ice. Your juice is ready for serve.
Presentation method is same as above mention.
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With strawberries and milk
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The recipe depends on what you really want to make. If you're planning to make a smoothie type juice, then ice cubes, sugar, and strawberries can do it. Real juice has a liquid texture though, like water. For that, just halve fresh strawberries and blend with water and sugar.

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