Is Chicken Broth Good For Losing Weight?


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It can be if used correctly.  Many warm drinks do decrease appetite.  Low cal volumes of fluid can also help give you a full feeling and can result in eating less with a fullness satisfaction element.  However two main things to consider:  Some broths commercial (most) have msg, which can drastically increase your appetite and in general is very bad for you .   Another thing to consider is most broths are high in sodium, some extremely high.  High sodium can make you retain water  as well as other heath issues.  Retaining water can make a false sense that you are gaining weight instead of loosing, which can sabotage your diet.  Overall look for stocks rather than  broths.  "Kitchen Basics" brand has excellent stock and none of the negatives of sodium or msg etc.  If you would leave a  comment I would appreciate it.. I just want to know if anyone read this.  

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