How often do you eat fast food? 


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I eat a take away once a week maybe it would be KFC, Mcdoanlds or Burger King.

Some/manly Friday/Saturday I go for a curry or a fish and chips

In that interval I sometimes go to a place like Mcdonlds, KFC or Burger King sometimes I miss out on the Friday takeaway

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Lea Andersen answered

Not very often, it's usual for my family to eat at the fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong. 

Here are some of the best, I have a listed here: 1. Above and Beyond 2. Island Tang 3. Stockton 4. Blue Butcher 5. Mott 32 6. Tim's Kitchen 7. Gold 8. Celebrity Cuisine 9. Fook Lam Moon 10. Sushi Kuu

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Deston Elite answered

About a couple times a week, whenever I'm on my off days from work. I'll buy Chinese takeout one day and McDonald's the next.

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