How Has Fast-Food Changed Our Eating Style?


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Fast-food has pretty much revolutionized the way we eat.

It has made hot meals available quickly and easily to commuters, students and lazy people all over the world!

However, fast-food has also brought about serious social and health problems, like obesity and chronic heart disease.

How has fast food affected our eating habits?
It's hard to imagine a time without fast-food; a dark age when driving through a McDonald's for a burger and chips was impossible.

When you think about it, the times when burger chains and fried chicken outlets were few and far between must have been tough. Imagine getting through a busy day at work, and knowing you had no option but to cook a meal when you got home!

Nowadays, families pretty much rely on fast-food several nights a week, and busy commuters who don't have the time (or money) to eat in a proper restaurant will often opt for the cheaper and quicker fast-food alternative.

The dark side of fast-food.
Despite these benefits, fast food has also been accompanied by some serious downfalls. Kids who have been brought up on high-salt, high-sugar, and high-fat food often find it difficult to enjoy regular meals.

Relying on a fast-food diet can cause weight gain and other related medical conditions. You only need to look at the effect of the relatively new fast-food industry in countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to see how quickly fast-food can impact a population.

In countries like Kuwait, the reliance on fast-food has led to alarming rates of child diabetes, and other health problems associated with an unhealthy diet. None of these issues had been present until the advent of fast-food in the country!
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Fast food changing our eating style, people are getting more health complications due to these fast foods.
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Not only did fast food give our parents a break from time-consuming cooking, it also gave kids a break from our parents' cooking.

As we children, we loved fast food restaurants. We were charmed by their advertising icons such as Ronald McDonald, Burger King, Big Boy, Chuck E. Cheese, Colonel Sanders, and etc...

These icons enticed us with delicious tasting, grease-laden foods that came in boxes called Happy Meals (from McDonald's) or Fun Meals (from Burger Chef).

Fast food restaurants were also significant sports for juvenile social happenings, such as birthday parties, Little League game banquets, or after school hang-outs for teenagers.

With their low minimum-wage pay, they became the first place of employment for most teenagers, and many times, the only jobs that they could get.

Some of the most popular fast food companies in the world include; McDonald's, Wendy's, Blimpie, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Chik-Fil-A, and Pizza Hut.
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It has changed our eating style by making us eat out more instead of cooking fresh vegetables at home. Fast food has made it too easy... And we, as a nation, are suffering - becoming fat Americans.

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