Who Is The Founder Of McDonalds?


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Ray Kroc is the man responsible for the McDonalds chain of restaurants as we know it today, although the chain was initially started by brothers Richard James 'Dick' McDonald and Maurice James 'Mac' McDonald.

The founder of McDonalds Ray Kroc was originally a salesman of milkshake mixers. His main clients included restaurants and eateries across the States, and one of his clients happened to be a burger restaurant called McDonalds in San Bernardino, California. The original McDonalds was founded by Dick and Mac McDonald.

Kroc was impressed by the concept of their burgers and joined the company as a franchise agent in 1955, taking over the companies ninth outlet in Des Plaines, Illinois.
Despite the franchising of several outlets, it seemed like the McDonald brothers were happy to operate a modest handful of restayrants.
Kroc had bigger aspirations, and eventually bought out the McDonald brothers equity in the company for $2.7 million.

The McDonald brothers were not the first to use an assembly line type system to make burgers, but their idea was certainly successful. Ray Kroc expanded on the system to turn it into the blueprint of what we call 'fast food' today.
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Ronald Mcdonald of course :p

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Ray Crock franchised the McDonald's Brothers concept of a fastfood Hamburger restaurant.

The McDonald's original fastfood location was in San Bernardino, California. 

Ray Kroc dismantled this McDonald's restaurant because of a dispute with the original McDonald's management. 

Today there is another nondescript fastfood restaurant called Baker's Square there.  Very few who go to this Bakers Square restaurant in San Bernardino realize that this location was the original original; because there are no signs, or any other indication, that the first McDonald's was started there.

Obviously Ray Kroc was very angry at the McDonald's brothers, and he paid them back by destroying any trace that their little fast food restaurant even existed.    Of course the name "McDonald's"  itself still testifies to the fact that it was the McDonald's brothers that invented the concept of McDonald's, while it was Ray Kroc that was the one that popularized it throughout the world.

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