In What Ways Has The Availability Of Fast-food Restaurant Affected Your Eating Habits?


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Well, I eat out more now since it is so available. I spend more money also. I don't eat like I should and I don't eat healthy though there are fast foods that supply healthy things on the menu. My body has adjusted quickly to fast food because that is what I give it most of the time. In fast food the food is prepared so quickly and is seared with radiation from microwaves that it is no telling exactly what we are eating. It does affect ones health regardless of our information of what we are eating. If I don't balance it out if I just eat out all the time I find myself more sickly feeling more so than if I ate at home where I know how well my food is cooked and that I am clean when I prep and fix my food. Thank you.
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It has not affected my eating habits because there are not many fast foods I like,however I think it has affected the family unit as a whole when they can stop and get fast food instead of eating a wholesome meal around the table as use to be the way things were done,it ruins a child's appetite for nutrition as they will eat french fries all day if you allow it,there is a great benefit to employees you can get a quick lunch and get back to work,most people don't realize it is cheaper to pack a lunch,but most don't take time to do so.
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Believe it or not, I rarely go to fast food restaurants.  They may be convenient, but they aren't so inexpensive anymore, and the food they serve is not particularly healthy.  It's not that I dislike the what they serve, because I do.  It's more the fact that it has too many negative sides to it.
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I finally got the fast-food thing together so that it works for me only when we've run out of time to make dinner at home.  I stay away from the burger places, for one.  Pizza is a given, and once in a while we'll order that, but as for the other places, we'll usually get a sub that's on the healthy list (turkey, vegetables), or a grilled chicken (no breading or frying) take out dinner, or a large salad.  Once in a while, taco's from Taco Bell.  I prefer to make my own dinners, but if I have to do fast food -- it's Arby's subs, Bob Evans grilled chicken, Taco Bell's taco supremes.  I don't think it means laziness, and can be a big convenience if you don't have the time to cook, once in a while.  As far as health concienciousness goes, though, you have to figure out which fast food places have more nutritional choices on their menus.  Eating Whoppers and fries every night is a no-no!!
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Fast food has affected our eating habits. Some people are attracted to fast food restaurants because of the time needed make the food is very quick. On the other hand, people sometime are bored to fast food. So my answer is that fast food affects your eating habit deeply.

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It made me eat much more than before and it made me eat less amounts of healthy food! But now I'm eating more healthy food and less junk food!
I win -- fast food lose! ;)*
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Fast food has become a part of my everyday life. We eat out often sometimes more than once a day, and then sometimes we don't eat it at all for a while. It all depends on what we are craving.
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Well first it slows you down also it is just bad for your body it just is I now I am not the biggest help also it is bad for health
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My diet hasn't changed so much, but I find that I often "eat on the run" and eat more quickly than I would otherwise.  I also find I may put off regular mealtimes because I know I can dash ovr to a fast-food place in between obligations.
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Having an hour for lunch I try to go home as the commute isn't that long, but I find myself going into a drivethru along the way and picking up a McCrap burger instead of making something healthy at home. Hope this helps.

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