How Are Organic Foods Different From Other Foods?


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Organic foods are different from others because these do not have any artificial ingredient in them they are natural and health,some people get a lot of diseases in the cause of chemicals added in. So they prefer organic foods which are a lot better in this case.
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There are a number of differences between organic foods and non organic conventional foods. Vegetables and fruits that are grown organically are those that have been cultivated in a natural way without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and that have not used genetically modified plants or seeds. In animal products it refers to animals which have not been treated with hormones for growth or with a high proportion of antibiotics. Genetic foods are also those that have not been treated with radiation or additives as a part of processing. Organic food can be treated with organic fertilizers and insecticides. What foods and processes can be labelled as organic is strongly regulated the world over.

Organic foods are considered far healthier than conventionally grown ones and far more sustainable. To meet the increasing demand for food, however, conventional methods are still considered necessary.

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