What's The Difference Between Natural And Organic Foods And Products?


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Organic and natural foods are often thought to be the same. But they are not. Natural foods are foods that do not use pesticides or synthetic hormones. Organic foods are produced, manufactured and handled using organic means under the USDA Organics Food Act. The Organic food must be certified by the USDA to be truly organic. Organic foods do not use synthetic hormones or pesticides, just like Natural foods do not. But organic foods go even further by not using preservatives, pesticides, growth hormones or chemical fertilizers. Since Organic food is monitored by the government, it tends to cost more than natural foods.
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Organic foods are produced in accordance with specific production standards. It doesnot involve use of chemicals, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and they are processed without food additives and ionizing raditions. Whereas Natural food is also more or less the same as organic food. It doesnot contain any artificial ingredients and is minimally processed. It doesnot contain any refined sugar, refined flour, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners and food colors. For reference see the link below:
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Hi, The organic food are appreciate a healthier life, a handful of items can in fact come in their way which will stop them from achieving their objectives. To be confident, the price of organic food is 1 point that will turn off a lot of individuals who might not relish the thought of spending added, particularly in these instances of spiraling food fees. Or natural food wholesome foods also taste a thing such as chocolate, but wholesome food can taste considerably far better compared to they taste at present, actually wholesome can taste greater compared to your expectations.
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Natural essentially means nothing as there is no standard to explain what "natural" means so a processor or anyone else is free to slapo the labgel "natural" on just about anything. 

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