How Strong Is Homemade Wine?


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Wine yeast tolerates 17-18% alcohol content, beyond which it rests. The maximum alcohol content a wine is to have is 14%. The strength of the wine will be judged on its alcohol content. The process called fermentation involves the yeast, which is added to the fermentation, being fed sugar and nutrients and the yeast breaking these down to carbon dioxide and alcohol. The yeast is like any other living organism needing both oxidation and a rich blend of nutrients. If air is available the yeast will only convert it to carbon dioxide and will produce no alcohol. Yeast will live on honey and sugar alone but certain added acids and nutrients will greatly speed up the process.

Thus it follows that your wine's strength will depend on whether you left your fine open or well covered as the less the air available the more the yeast will produce alcohol. Best procedure involves aerating the concoction once before fermenting. Secondly, have you remembered to add the yeast nutrients? These are readily available commercially.

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