What Are The Benefits Of Yogurt?


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Yogurt has a high nutritional food value. It contains live bacterial cultures and has extra therapeutic benefits. Some of the benefits associated with yogurt are given below
It provides protection against some of the harmful bacteria. Eating live yogurt with lactobacillus acidophilus reduces vulnerability to gastroenteritis and yeast infections. Some forms of lactobacillus acidophilus counter common bacteria that cause food poisoning, urinary tract infections and some peptic ulcers.
It is known to speed up recovery from diarrhoea. In study adults eating antibiotics and suffering from diarrhoea recovered much faster when they were given live yogurt.
It also helps to restore gut micro flora. Low levels of healthy microflora in the intestines, which are a side effect of antibiotics, affect the body's ability to fight infection and diarrhoea.
Yogurt made with lactobacillus acidophilus stimulates the body cells that fight harmful bacteria and the output of gamma interferon, a substance with antiviral action.
A half cup serving of yogurt provides a useful proportion of daily calcium needs and good range of B vitamins. Many people who cannot digest milk can absorb calcium from yogurt. Yogurts beneficial cultures cannot survive long in intestines so occasional consumption is not as good as eating every day.
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I was told by a doctor that is a great cleanser for our female parts, because it won't strip your body of good bacteria. Do some research.

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